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Brian "The Terminator" Butkerait Wins Gold in the World Championship 

08/06/00 - It happened again! Brian Butkerait got the Gold medal on his division and fought the final on the Absolut Divison, when he got the Silver medal. We spoke to Brian this morning and he is very excited and looking forward to showing us his medals. Please let's welcome Brian upon his return on Tuesday. 

The Ultimate Martial Arts Students Win at Kick USA Tournament. 

08/05/00 - The Ultimate Martial Arts Academy took first place in several events at the Kick USA Tournament in Miami. Three of our students, Paulo Silveira, Renato Gabriel and Christina D'Avila won on their respective first place on their categories and Samir Tobar won second place on his division. The other participants - Farrukh Ali, Domingos Sampaio Neto and Ariel Johnson - also gave their best but did not medalled. We are very proud of all our students. Excellent job, all!!!

Brian ("The Terminator") Is Going To Brazil

08/01/00 - Brian "The Terminator" Butkerait  (left, receiving two gold medals), after winning the Pan American in Orlando, is traveling to Brazil on August 3 to participate on The World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Senior Division, taking place in Rio de Janeiro on August 5 and 6. After training hard with Paulo Castro and Marcio Simas, he feels very confident in medalling. Brian is 41 years old and is in his best physical condition. Good luck Brian, we know you will bring the Gold to The Ultimate Martial Arts Academy.

The Ultimate Martial Arts Will Host Florida State

08/01/00 - The Ultimate Martial Arts Academy will host the 2000 Florida State Jiu-Jitsu Tournament. The event will take place in Delray Beach on October 21. You can sign up now!!!

1 "Ultimate Capoeira" Seminar

08/01/00 - The Ultimate Martial Arts Academy is organizing the 1 "Ultimate Capoeira" Seminar. The two day event will happen in December 2 and 3 and the classes will be divided in three groups according to ranking - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. It will be conducted by Mestre Branca, assisted by Prof. Robson and Prof. Mangueira. All Martial Arts are welcome. Call to reserve your place. Early registration will receive a 10% discount.


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