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At The Ultimate Martial Arts Academy , classes are offered for children ages 7 and up. They are broken down into 2 different categories. Juniors ages 7 to 11 and Teens are from 12 to 16. All the classes are of the co-ed variety. The ages are separated to allow the children to work with their peers. They learn how to help their fellow classmates, good sportsmanship, self-discipline, responsibility and self-respect while increasing their level of fitness and developing their martial arts skills.

Your children have the opportunity to learn many things while attending class at The Ultimate Martial Arts Academy, however, desire to be in the class must come from within. If they must be pushed or coerced into the program, success in the martial arts is next to impossible. The child that canít wait for their next class is invariably more proficient in all levels whether it comes to the proper way to stretch, do a push up, kick, punch, or train in jiu-jitsu.

As for the belt system used at The Ultimate Martial Arts Academy, we are non-traditionalists. Our goal is not to make your child a black belt in 3-4 years. Obtaining a high level of skill is the driving force behind our classes. There are far too many 8 year old black belts walking our streets already. We are very excited to see the same faces return through our doors month after month, but showing up for class is not enough to warrant receiving a new rank. Charging excessively to ďtestĒ a child is yet another practice frowned upon at UMAA. Every class is viewed as a test. If the child trains regularly, and gives his all in every class, their skills will rapidly increase.


The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes cover a variety of self-defense techniques. Whether defending against a punch, kick, takedown, or joint manipulation, these classes instruct students to become well rounded in the arts. Strength, size, and speed no longer have to be the determining factors to overcome your opponent.

There is no secret to becoming proficient at anything in life. It takes hard, work, determination, and a good learning environment. All those who train at The Ultimate Jiu-Jitsu Academy are not only interested in becoming good fighters, but more importantly we always try to help and learn from each other. Trust is an essential aspect that cannot be overlooked in this art.

These classes provide a rigorous workout, as well as instruct students to better understand how to defend themselves. Whether the goal is to lose weight, become stronger, or compete in a Submission or Shoot-fighting event, the Jiu-Jitsu classes provide a challenging workout for all skill levels.

Our Womenís Personal Protection Seminars are designed to give women basic self-defense skills that will help prevent an attack and provide options to use in the event of one. These informative seminars are great for women who donít have the time to commit to regular training sessions. Students have a chance to test their skills with full power against an assailant in a protective suit. These seminars can also be done on site for businesses, various groups or organizations.