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This page is designed to assist our students in getting information about techniques applied during training. It was divided in ground techniques and takedowns. 


The ground techniques are under construction. We will have some pictures soon.


Here you will find some important takedown techniques. Please click on the hiperlink below to find out more:

 1) Ashi Guruma  8) O Soto Gari
 2) De Ashi Barai  9) Sassae Tsuri Komi Ashi
 3) Hiza Guruma 10) Soto Makikomi
 4) Ippon Seoi Nague 11) Uki Goshi
 5) Ko Soto Gake 12) Ushiro Goshi
 6) Ko Soto Gari 13) Yoko Guruma
 7) O Guruma