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Zen-boŽ Basic
The Basic program is a  60 to 70-minute class and offers a blend of kickboxing and exercise set by music rhythm. Easy-to-follow, fun choreography includes a gentle warm up, 30-minute aerobic workout, muscle toning and strengthening, and a stretch finale.

Zen-boŽ Plus
Get even more of a good thing with this extended version of the original Zen-Bo workout. Each 80 to 90-minute class provides additional aerobic training, muscle toning and strengthening, and flexibility exercises for individuals ready to accept the challenge.

Simply Zen-boŽ
Fitness that's not intimidating, just invigorating! This 45-minute class pairs gentle aerobics with exercises that tone and strengthen the legs, abdominals and arms, creating a workout that's tailor made for beginners or individuals who wish to get back into shape.

Body Sculpting by Zen-boŽ
Sculpted arms, tight abs, and firm and shapely legs are the primary focus of this challenging 30 to 45-minute muscle toning workout which features a creative combination of  training and stretching.

Cardio Kick by Zen-boŽ
Pressed for time? Fitness is a snap with this 30 to 45-minute class devoted solely to Kickboxing aerobics. Cardio kickboxing provides great calorie-burning results on the tightest of schedules.

Zen-boŽ LITE
Whether you're a beginner, a senior, pregnant, significantly overweight, or otherwise physically restricted, you can't go wrong with this popular light version of the original Zen-boŽ program.

Personal Touch Zen-boŽ
This unique approach to personal training helps participants get the most from their Zen-BoŽ experience, as Master Davis conducts private sessions designed to improve student success, ensure exercise adherence, and encourage the attainment of fitness goals.

Zen-boŽ for Kids!
Children ages 3 to 12 experience the joy of physical movement and learn the importance of being fit for life as they
exercise their way through specially choreographed, age-appropriate routines for their age bracket.